FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your mission?

A: Our mission is to promote, advocate and support cancer and health awareness because we believe with awareness there is hope.

Q: Can I copy or use your designs, logos, avatars to make my own shirts for an event or for a school project or the like?

A: We are sorry, but no, you may not use any of this store’s images nor our copyrighted designs from our site/shops for any reason, personal or commercial. All purchases must be made at THIS shop. All content from this website, HopeDreamsDesigns.Com and our sister shops are original content. Copyright laws apply. Purchase of our t-shirts or any merchandise does not transfer copyright to buyer. We do not license our merchandise outside our shops nor give our files away. Please respect copyright law. If you need bulk, discounted t-shirts, We can offer a discount on our shirts and products to be purchased directly at our shop

Q: Can I re-create my own HopeDreams shop based on your work and designs?

A: No. This is called a derivative work and though you may not see the exact design on this site, any reproduction or modification of this site, HopeDreamsDesigns.Com awareness art designs for any reason is strictly prohibited. All content from HopeDreamsDesigns.Com and its sister shops are original content. Copyright laws apply.

Q: Can I copy your design images thumbnails to post on my blog, myspace page or related?

A: No. We would prefer that you use our banners to link to our shop. Please email us first if you would like to link to us.

Q: I would like to suggest an awareness design. How do I do this?

A: Email our shop at Hope & Dreams Cancer Awareness Shop

Q: I would like to have a design personalized. How do I do this?

A: Please ensure it’s one of our designs first, then contact us at our main shop Hope & Dreams Cancer Awareness Shop by using our design request form. Be sure to provide us with link or product number of the design in question. We ask that you be detailed in describing the design you would like us to personalize. We may ask for your phone number to verify your customization request so please provide an accurate phone number. We only keep personalizations designs on our shop for a limited time due to limited server space unless you ask in writing to extend it.